Hanna Hornbaker

vita est motus

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Hanna Hornbaker

Here you will find information about my work and passion! Everything happening during the next few years of my education and the beginning of my career can be found on this site. Great thanks to my loved ones, teachers and peers for their support, advice, admiration and encouragement. It is a challenge but one that I am able to learn from to achieve the very best, all of which I present here to you.

This site is a platform which will act as a portfolio and will be periodically updated throughout the course of my studies. I haved designed this with the purpose to outline aspects in education, achievments, personal interests and intentions for the future. As I begin to develop and acquire the qualities necessary in the field of physiotherapy, I will describe the structure taking place, respectively due to my studies and professional experiences.



Request for more information, please contact me.









Creation date of website: September 2010

Last edited:  February 2013